Snow Melting Machine

I don’t mind shoveling so much. The only time I have a problem with it is when I run out of places to put the snow.

I need to invent some kind of machine that you can shovel snow into (instead of just flinging it to the side of the driveway) that will melt the snow. Water is much less voluminous than snow, so a large area of snow could be melted into easy-to-handle milk gallon jugs, to be disposed of elsewhere. Or, if the melting machine also includes some kind of filtering or boiling process, it would probably be drinkable water – better than spring water, it’d be snow water.

I envision this machine having a big hopper or funnel on top, and the empty jug at the bottom. It would have some kind of heating elements inside of it to melt the snow. To protect the heating elements, the bottom of the funnel/hopper would have a grate of some kind, that would let powdery now fall through but would hold up the larger chunks until they melted a bit.

I can see this whole idea being a messy disaster, but man, having to walk shovelfuls of snow down the street to find a place to dump it is a pain.

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