Product Idea: Scented Hair Dryers

blow dryerJust in time for Christmas, here’s another product I should invent: a hair dryer that uses perfume capsules.

The hair dryer would blow dry hair as normal, of course. However, it would also have a little compartment into which you would drop a scented capsule – say “shampoo,” “the beach,” “lavender,” “cotton candy,” etc. The heat would activate the scent, so that when you’re done, that’s what your hair would smell like.

Reasons why this fits the model of modern American products:

  • it is a superficial gimmick and no one needs it
  • it is curious enough to be exactly the kind of thing someone would want to give as a gift, but also just distasteful enough that they would not actually want for themselves
  • the key component is consumable, which means customers will have to keep buying (very expensive) refills of the scent capsules

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