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Halloween Costume for Single Guy

Starbucks employeeI just thought of a great Halloween costume for a single guy: go to a Halloween party dressed as a Starbucks employee, and carrying a messenger bag/satchel.

Then, when anyone says something like, “so, you’re dressed as a Starbucks worker?” you say, “no, I’m an out-of-work actor” – and from the messenger bag you whip out a headshot with all your information on the back.

See, the glory of this costume is that it lets you give your phone number to every girl at the party, whether she’s with a guy or not, and no one can complain. Plus, it’s funny, and you just might get a couple calls.

Of course, I think I’d go with 4×6 or 5×7 headshots, instead of 8×10’s – the smaller photos would be easier for the girls to hang onto. But also, prepare yourself for the end of the night when you see your discarded photos all over the place.