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Free Range Living

One of the little daydreams I have is that someday, I’ll get to pick a location and then build a town from scratch.

I think about this because whenever I see something in a town or city that I don’t like, I think to myself, “when I built a city, I won’t do that.”

But so, I just thought of a name for my town: Free Range. Wouldn’t it be great? Here’s why:

  • The library would be named The Free Range Library
  • Every product grown or produced in town could be advertised as Free Range
  • The high school’s mascot could be a Chicken (which I like for many reasons)
  • I would invite Flatbread Pizza to open a store there, because I’ve always referred to their food as Free Range Pizza

Oh man, I can’t wait. Of course, my town’s police force probably wouldn’t like the inevitable nickname.